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Our Policy

Statement of purpose

The management practices and procedures of Natenzi Care Agency are set out in a comprehensive set of policy documents. These policies ensure that we meet the statutory requirements for running a healthcare agency and address all aspects of staff, managing, caring for our clients and preservation of health & safety standards as appropriate. All of our policies are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain up to date.

Natenzi Care Agency has been setup to ensure the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our organisation and activities, to ensure that our services are appropriate for our clients needs. We have a comprehensive self-assessment system, which ensure that all our policies and work practices are audited at least annually to ensure that we maintain the high standards we have set. Any “non conforming” area of activity is corrected and reviewed for further action that we may need to take to ensure that the problem is not repeated in the future.


Our Objectives

Our objective is providing you with the highest standard of service on either a long-term basis or on a last minute basis.
We believe that:
• Organisations should be able to request services or cover ad-hoc requirements on a last minute basis.
• Organisations should be able to expect a fast response to requests in order to cover any emergencies.
• Organisations should be able to expect cost effectiveness and value for money.
• Organisations should expect highly vetted and highly experienced staff at all times.
• Organisations should be confident that the company they are dealing with provides training and support to its entire staff.
• Organisations should be confident that they would not be penalised unfairly for staff cancellations.
• Organisations and the staff employed by us should be confident that we would act upon complaints promptly and notify both parties and facilitate an outcome.

Terms of Business

Natenzi Care Agency has developed Policies and Procedures in order to comply with all relevant statutory guidelines and protect service users, our clients.
Copies of all documentation, including our Statement of  purpose  fee structure that is trans easy to understand. Our rates are competitive and cannot easily be matched by other suppliers.


We never stop training our staff. Each person undergoes continuous professional development and training to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of services to you. This training includes Health & Safety training, Manual handling, CPR & adult protection and policy validation including areas such as medication, complaints etc.